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Dranetz 305PA3007
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The 305PA3007 Programmable and Autoranging Plug-in is designed for use with the 305 Phasemeter Mainframe and features high accuracy over a broad range of input levels and frequencies. Auto-ranging of gain in each channel assures high accuracy (0.05? guaranteed) over a dynamic range of 60dB (50mV to 50Vrms) for independent levels of inputs, with a useful range of 90dB (10mV to 300Vrms). This plug-in covers the range from 2Hz to 700kHz, with its highest accuracy in the 50Hz to 50kHz range. The unit also features compatibility with Textronix probes and includes front panel lamps to indicate when either input signal is below 50mV or above 50 V rms. In addition, it includes increased input gain to achieve operation down to 1mVrms. The unit can be operated either in an automatic or programmable mode. Without rear connections, the plug-in operates automatically as a 305PA3001; however, by utilizating rear connectors, the internal auto-ranging can be over-ridden and additional internal gain can also be inserted. Programming is available by DTL and TTL logic.
  • 制造商: Dranetz
  • 模型: 305PA3007