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Exfo FVA-3100
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EXFO FVA3100 Variable Attenuator

High-quality components and meticulous calibration procedures make the FVA-3100 Variable Attenuator the instrument of choice for repeatable and accurate attenuation settings (up to 100 dB). The FVA-3100 meets system and component manufacturers need for component and system loss simulation, instrument calibration, power meter linearity measurement and spectral tuning. Its ultra-low insertion loss of 1.5 dB enables you to optimize the loss budget. The FVA-3100 is configured for singlemode or multimode fibers. Use it as a stand-alone instrument or mounted on a 19-inch rack (optional). Easy to use Access most functions at the touch of a button and manually change attenuation with the FVA-3100's user-defined steps or on-display value editing. The standard GPIB and RS-232 interface and control codes enable remote operation from a PC or test station. Program your own software solutions for complex test procedures and benefit from added computer capabilities. LabViEW drivers are available.

  • Linearity +/- 0.1 dB
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Singlemode and Multimode Models
  • Max Attenuation: equal/grerater than 65 dB

  • 制造商: Exfo
  • 模型: FVA-3100