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Fluke 910
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GPS Controlled OCXO Frequency Standard 5x10MHZ 1X5MHZ and 1x1pps

The 910 and 910R GPS-controlled frequency standards are fully traceable and extremely accurate frequency standards and are ideally suited for use in many applications, including telecommunications, calibration and automatic test systems.

Both the 910 and 910R deliver a precision frequency and pulse-per-second time reference which, with its many connectivity options, can be installed, monitored and managed from virtually any location. Both models receive their long-term frequency stability from the built-in cesium standards in the GPS-satellite array, yet can also provide a very high short-term stability from the built-in oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) or rubidium oscillator (Rb).

* Unique traceability feature means no more re-calibrations
* Two high-stability models to meet your application, and fit your budget
* Up to 13 outputs, maximizing cost efficiency
* Central or remote monitoring, management and data collection, using the 910/910R Ethernet-port
* Two high-stability operating modes to suit your application
* Designed for portability too
* GPSView Software

  • 制造商: Fluke
  • 模型: 910