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Fluke Networks DTX-1200
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Fluke Networks DTX 1200 CableAnalyzer

Cat 6 certification in 9 seconds - The DTX-1200 and DTX-1800 perform Cat 6 certification tests in just 9 seconds in full compliance with industry standards and with superior accuracy. That is several times faster than existing testers. This incredible speed means you can test up to 170 more links in an eight-hour shift.

Troubleshoot faults twice as fast - When a link fails, the DTX Series provides quick, easy-to-understand directions to identify the point of failure (distance from the tester) and the possible reason(s) for the failure. These directions not only tell you the problem, but also identify corrective actions your test technicians can take to solve the problem quickly all without having to consult the project manager. Instead of spending time executing trial and error corrections and re-testing to find out whether the problem has been resolved the technician knows exactly where to look and what to do to fix the failing link. Even if only two percent of the cables certified in one shift fail Autotest, you?ll save as much as two hours of labor time per day of certifying.

Copper certification tester guarantees cabling installations comply with TIA/ISO standards

  • DTX significantly reduces total certification costs up to 33% a year
  • The most used and trusted tester- over 1 billion copper links certified to date
  • Independently verified by ETL to meet ISO Level IV and TIA Level IIIe Accuracy requirements
  • Analyze test results and create professional test reports using LinkWare reporting software
  • Endorsed by over 20 cable companies worldwide
  • Perform Basic fiber certification five times faster with DTX Fiber Modules
  • Perform Extended fiber certification

  • 制造商: Fluke Networks
  • 模型: DTX-1200