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ELGAR 9030
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The 9030 Plug-in Programmer is a single-phase unit with output voltage of 0-135 VAC or 0-270 VAC, programmable. Programming resolution of 0.1 VAC. IEEE-488 interface. Frequency is programmable from 45 Hz to 4095 Hz in a single range with resolution of 1 Hz. Remote sense for 0.15% amplitude accuracy Digitally synthesized, crystal controlled for 0.001% frequency accuracy Load regulation of 0.015%; 0-100% load Line regulation of 0.01%; ?10% line change Phase angle accuracy of ?1? Automatic shut down above or below amplifier frequency range Open sense / over shoot limiting to 10% of programmed value
  • 制造商: Elgar
  • 模型: 9030