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Pendulum Instruments CNT-81
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Counter-Timer-Analyzer Frequency Range 300MHz Resolution 50 ps GPIB interface.

Pendulum Instruments offers a choice of two high-performance timer/counter models; the fast/high-resolution CNT-81 and the CNT-81R with built-in Rubidium time base, which allows frequency calibration of the highest possible specified oven oscillators. The counters are equipped with GPIB-interface as standard, for use in automatic test systems, or in PC-controlled instrument clusters on the lab bench or workshop bench. The standard frequency range of 225/300 MHz can be extended to 2.7 GHz. With the new 8 GHz prescaler input option, the frequency measuring range is extended into 8 GHz. Optional timebase oscillators extend the timebase stability to 0.02 ppm/year. The CNT-81R has a built-in atomic clock standard (Rubidium).


  • 8000 measurements/sec
  • High resolution: 1ps (time) 11 digits/s (freq.), 0.001 (phase)
  • Rubidium stability: 0.0001 ppm
  • High trigger resolution: 1.25 mV
  • Advanced arming/hold-off
  • Modulation Domain Analysis SW
  • EMC-immunity for noisy environments
  • 8 GHz option for microwave & RF testing
  • Ideal for fast test systems, R&D and calibration laboratoires
  • 制造商: Pendulum Instruments
  • 模型: CNT-81