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Muti-Format Digital TV RF Signal Generator (Requires at least one option)

The LG 3810 is an RF signal generator with optional encoders that can be installed to add support for the standards of a variety of digital broadcast systems. The LG 3810 contains a TS generator, an encoder, a C/N generator, and an up converter. The modulation method is switchable. So it is easy to transmit a modulation signal at a channel frequency in the VHF or UHF band. The LG 3810 also contains pseudorandom (PN) signal sources and a BER counter, so this one instrument is all that s necessary to perform BER measurements of receivers and tuners.

In addition to an internal TS signal, an external TS signal or a signal played back from the internal HDD can also be used as the signal source. This enables a preexisting TS to be used in video and audio checking. Combining this feature with the BER measurement feature makes more comprehensive testing of receivers possible.


    *All-in-One Because the LG 3810 contains the features of both a signal generator and a BER measuring instrument in a single case, it can be used to check video in transport streams used in actual broadcasts as well as to perform BER measurements on front-end devices. The LG 3810 is also suitable for use as a comprehensive signal generator for STB or tuner production lines.

    *User-Selectable Digital Broadcast System Optional encoders can be installed that add support for the standards of the desired digital broadcast systems. These encoders can also be added to the LG 3810 after it has been installed in a location. The modulation method can be specified easily from the front panel, which uses a QVGA LCD to display the LG 3810 s settings graphically

    *Real-time MPEG-2 TS Encoding and Modulation The LG 3810 can encode and modulate, in real time, a transport stream that is applied to the DVB-ASI or SPI connector or that is saved to the HDD.

    *HDD That Can Play Back Long Transport Streams Because the LG 3810 has an 80 GB HDD, it can play back data that requires a large amount of storage memory, such as streams that contain HDTV contents and transport streams that run for a long time.

    *External HDD and DVD Drive Connectability When an external HDD or DVD drive is connected to one of the LG 3810 s USB 2.0 ports, the LG 3810 can play back a TS directly from the HDD or DVD-ROM. TS data that has been recorded to a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM can be copied to the internal HDD. This enables a variety of videos from preexisting transport streams to be used in video checking.

    *100 Presets Up to 100 preset conditions can be stored in the memory. Since the stored contents can be categorized into 10 groups, the preset mode is convenient for inspection applications.

    • 制造商: Leader
    • 模型: LG3810