Video Generators : Rohde Schwarz EFA43-B12


Rohde Schwarz EFA43-B12
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tv test receiver / demodulator

7 MHz SAW filter
Designed in line with DVB-T standards
Adjacent-channel rejection
In line with European and Australian standards

Common to all models
In-depth measurement capabilities
Simple, user-friendly operation
Modular design - easy retrofitting of options
General measurement functions for
RF input level carrier frequency offset bit rate offset
BER (before Viterbi, before and after Reed-Solomon)
MPEG-2 transport stream output (serial or parallel)
Alarm messages for measurement functions, internal storage
Seven alarm-triggered relays for switching external devices
Integrated noise generator for measurement of noise margin
IEC/IEEE bus and RS-232-C interface

  • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
  • 模型: EFA43-B12