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Marconi 6200A
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The 6200A is an innovative instrument combining many measurement functions in a compact and portable package. The high specification and its portability makes it equally suitable for both bench and field applications.
The 6200A is more flexible than an assemblt of discrete instruments, it is a total test system, In a single unit the facilities of a precision synthesized sweep generator, four input scalar analyser with colour display, power meter, frequenct counter and programmable voltage/current source are combined

Features: Many instrument functions Economical, Compact and Portable 20GHz version Synthesised swee p generator Four Input Scalar Analyzer Colour Liquid Crystal Display Accurate Power Measurement Integral Frequency Counter Real Time Fault Location with High Resolution Programmable V/I Source for component evaluation 70dB Sweep Generator step attenuator options Ideal for production, development and maintenance Memory Card for increased storage capacity
  • 制造商: Marconi
  • 模型: 6200A