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Agilent 8719C
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Network Analyzer, 50MHz-13.5GHz

The 8719C vector network analyzer characterizes RF and microwave components down to 50 MHz and up to 13.5 GHz. This analyzer includes a fast-sweeping synthesized source, S-parameter test set, tuned receiver, and large color display in a single package. The Agilent 8719C is an ideal choice for cost and space conscious engineers in research and development, manufacturing, incoming inspection, or quality assurance.

  • Fast-sweeping built-in synthesized source with optional 1 Hz frequency resolution
  • Integrated switching test set measures all four S-parameters with a single connection
  • Vector accuracy enhancement
  • Optional time domain capability computes and displays response versus time or distance
  • Optional Solid State Switch allow simultaneous measurement of forward and reverse parameters and continuous update of all four S-parameters as required for two-part error correction
  • Productivity is enhanced with pass/fail testing, direct printer/plotter output of results, advanced marker functions, and save/recall of test configurations
  • Two independent display channels for simultaneous measurement of reflection and transmission characteristics

      • 001 - 1 Hz Frequency Resolution
      • 006 - Solid State Transfer Switch (Output power reduced by -7 dBm and dyn. range reduced
      • 010 - Time Domain
      • 011 - 3-Channel Direct-Access Receiver (Provides front panel input for each of the samplers)
      • 802 - Add Disk Drive, external HP 9122
      • 910 - Extra Manuals
      • 913 - Rack Mount with Handles
      • 制造商: Agilent
      • 模型: 8719C