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Motorola TMX-2010
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Transport Multiplexer

The TMX-2010 is a customizable, modular solution for MPEG-2 multiplexing, grooming, video bitrate transcoding, video splicing, IP data encapsulation, and encoder management for digital broadcast, satellite, and cable distribution. It accepts MPEG-2 packetized transport streams via standard input interfaces as well as UDP/IP multicast data via Ethernet. Its high-quality video bitrate transcoding algorithms can be used for remultiplexing variable or constant rate, SD or HD video input into statistically multiplexed user-defined bandwidth. The TMX-2010 supports digital program insertion (DPI) and flexible selection of input MPEG-2 services for output into one or more customized transport streams.
  • 制造商: Motorola
  • 模型: TMX-2010