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Ericsson RSU-12
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Ribbon Arc Fusion Splicer RSU12

Ericsson's RSU 12 fusion splicer is the dream machine for splicing ribbon with up to 12 fibers quickly, easily, and accurately. It has a built-in safety shield, a disc drive for storing/loading your data, and a built-in heat oven.

Ericsson's revolutionary new fusion splicer delivers ultra fast splice time and the world's shortest shrink time. This adds up to a total cycle time of less than 40 seconds. The combination of cold image alignment and warm image processing is what makes this technology sizzle.

* Fully automatic splice process.
* Cold core alignment and warm image processing.
* Ultra fast splice time.
* Short shrink time.
* Designed with the user in mind.
* Lightweight, but yet robust.
* Menu-driven user interface attachable power source.
  • 制造商: Ericsson
  • 模型: RSU-12