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Tektronix P6015A
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The P6015A High Voltage Probe is for heavy duty high-performance measurements of voltages over 2.5 kV, the P6015A is the industry standard. You can measure DC voltages up to 20 kV and pulses up to 40 kV. The 75 MHz bandwidth enables you to capture fast, high-voltage signals.

10 ft.
High Voltage - 20 kV DC/40 kV Peak (100 ms Pulse Width)
High Bandwidth - 75 MHz
Silicone Dielectric
Optional 1,000 Coding
Wide Compensation Range (7-49 pF)
Heavy Duty Versatile Ground Lead and Clip
Picture Not Available

Standard Accessories

Hook Probe Tip
Banana Plug Tip
Crocodile Clip - plugs onto Ground Lead
Ground Lead
Carrying Case
Instruction Manual

Option 1R: 10 ft. with Readout
Option 25: 25 ft. without Readout
Option 2R: 25 ft. with Readout

1R - 10 ft. with readout.
25 - 25 ft. without readout.
2R - 25 ft. with readout.
  • 制造商: Tektronix
  • 模型: P6015A