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T-Com 440B
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T-Com LLC 440B/T-ACE Digital Communications Test Set

The 440B/T-Ace Digital Communications Test Set is a comprehensive analyzer, designed for Sonet, DS3, DS1, to DS0 depending on the options installed. The unit has the flexibility to handle applications as diverse as installing and maintaining T1 high capacity circuits, channel banks, M13 multiplexers, digital switches/PBXs, DS0A/B Data Services and so forth.

The 440B/T-Ace base unit contains dual DS1 receivers and transmitters, DS0 channel access testing (and speaker) and complete transmission measurement capabilities: Simultaneous 24 channel signaling display, full duplex drop-and-insert, independent auto-frame, auto pattern sync, summary screen for automatic T1 or FT1 error display and capture, complete BERT test patterns and RS-232-C Printer/Modem Interface.

The dimensions (W x H x D) of the base unit are 13.25-in x 8.5-in x 13-in. The base unit weight is approximately 19.5 lbs.

  • 制造商: T Com
  • 模型: 440B