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Lauterbach TRACE32
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TRACE 32 Debugger

The TRACE32 PowerTools are designed with an open debug environment that offers sophisticated features for quick and effective testing of your embedded design.

The optional ETM trace port analyzer allows detection of complex errors that only occur under run-time conditions as well as powerful performance and run-time statistic analysis to optimize the program s behavior.

Debug Features

- Hosts: Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX
- Host interfaces: USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet
- Target interfaces: JTAG, Serial Wire Debug; 0.4V-5.0V; 6kHz-100MHz

- Support for more than 60 core architectures
- C and C++ support for all standard compilers
- Awareness for all commonly used RTOS
- Multi-core debugging for any mixture of ARM and DSP cores
- Support for symmetric multiprocessing (SMP)
- FLASH programming support
- Instruction set simulator for debugging without target hardware
- Interface for debugging virtual prototypes (CoWare, Synopsis, VaST)
- Integration of third party tools (Eclipse, Rhapsody, ...)

- CoreSight technology support
- TrustZone technology support
- VFP, NEON support
- Support for Debug Communication Channel (DCC) and Semihosting
- Halt mode and monitor mode debugging

Trace Port Analyzer Features

- Up to 32-bit ETM trace port width
- Off-chip trace data rate beyond 500 Mbit/s per channel
- Up to 4 GByte trace memory
- All ETM protocols and modes supported

- Powerful trace filter and trigger
- Run-time analysis of functions and tasks
- Code coverage analysis
- Cache analysis
- Context Tracking System for re-debugging of the sampled program flow
- Real time streaming of trace data to a host application
- Energy consumption measurement correlated with program flow
- Logic analyzer (timing and state analyzer)

- Support for on-chip trace memory (ETB)
- Time correlated display of multiple trace sources (CoreSight ETM, HTM, ITM)
- Support for CoreSight Single Wire Viewer

  • 制造商: Lauterbach
  • 模型: TRACE32