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EIP 931-9320
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Broadband Microwave Sweeper

The 931 Broadband Microwave Sweeper incorporates unique operating and calibration features specifically developed to solve long-existing problems associated with human interface and control of microwave test instruments.
User Interface Simplifies Testing
Optional High Performance Internal Pulse Modulator
Precise Frequency Accuracy
New Software
Enhanced GPIB Capability
Operational Screens Simplify Microwave Testing Reliability
Frequency Range: 0.01 to 18.6 GHz Output Power: -2 to +10 dBm (without attenuator), -72 to +7 dBm (with attenuator)
Power Level Accuracy: 0 .8 dB
Control Functions: CW, Delta-F, Frequency Sweep, Marker Sweep, Power Sweep, Frequency Steps, Power Steps Provides for Marker Substitution, Manual Sweep Modulation: AM (internal & external), FM, Internal pulse Built-in Frequency Markers

Option 9301 = Step Attenuator
Option 9320 = 20 mW Output Power
Option 9303 = Pulse Modulator
Option 9304 = 400 Hz Operation
  • 制造商: EIP
  • 模型: 931-9320