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Agilent N4872A
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13.5 Gb/s ParBERT Module

The Agilent ParBERT 13.5Gb/s modules are the ideal solution for testing high-speed communication ports, components, chips and modules for a wide range of technologies and applications for the semiconductor and communication industry.

The Agilent N4872A 13.5 Gb/s generator module and N4873A 13.5 Gb/s analyzer module is each one VXI slot wide and requires the E4809A Central Clock module. The ParBERT 13.5 Gb/s modules are able to generate and analyze differential or single-ended signals at data rates from 620 Mb/s to 13.5 Gb/s.

  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: N4872A