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Electronic Load Pull System

The LP1 and LP2 load pull systems offer a turn-key solution to power device characterization. Using a vector network analyzer, solid state tuners and an ATN test set, the ATN load pull systems make measurements of power, efficiency, distortion and ACPr as a function of source and load termination. The LP2 system extends the control of the termination to the harmonics of the operating frequency.

Features and Benefits:

  • Turn-key measurement system
  • Power, efficiency, distortion and ACPr measurements
  • Harmonic tuning
  • Solid-state speed, accuracy and repeatability
  • In-situ on-wafer or in-fixture calibration


ATN Microwave has developed a solid-state tuner-based load pull system that performs simple, practical, cost effective multi-harmonic load pull.

The ATN LP2 Harmonic tuning system is based around a new generation of solid-state tuner design. The ATN tuners have metrology-level repeatability (-94dB residual), 30 W distortion free power capacity and microsecond switching speed. In addition they are calibrated at 390,625 "states."

With that many settings available to the tuner, many states exist that have virtually identical impedance at any given frequency. In these cases, the LP2 can present a number of different harmonic terminations for any given fundamental, or a variety of fundamentals for any given harmonic. This allows multi-harmonic tuning with a single tuner, and without the reflection coefficient limitations of a diplexer.

Both the ATN LP1 and LP2 systems use an 8510, 8720 or 8753 vector network analyzer as the system receiver. This allows 100 dB measurement range, fast measurements, and in-situ calibration.

  • 制造商: ATN Microwave
  • 模型: LP2