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JDSU-Acterna HST-3000 Mainframe with Copper Testing

Introducing next generation Ethernet/IP-based services over carrier-grade Metro Ethernet networks yields increases in both complexity and costs for service providers. These networks facilitate service aggregation and work in concert with different network infrastructures and tunneling technologies (VLANs, MAC-in- MAC, and VPLS/MPLS) that provide common Quality of Service (QoS), traffic engineering, redundancy, and scalability across the service infrastructure. The JDSU HST-3000, equipped with the Ethernet Service InterfaceModule (SIM) and mainframe s VoIP and IP Video options, addresses the broad requirements for 7-layer testing in a rugged, modular platform that is ideal for field use.

Carrier-grade Metro Ethernet networks are emerging as key components in business (VoIP, Disaster Recovery, Video Conferencing, etc.) and consumer (tripleplay) service delivery. Triple-play networks, which transmit voice, video, and data traffic, present a unique set of challenges. Service providers for these network environments are now responsible for delivering a service with the Quality of Experience (QoE) requirement, rather than delivering a Layer 2 or Layer 3 pipe.

These emerging networks pose requirements for the support of the IPv6 protocol, which addresses the limitations of IPv4 networks: insufficient address space for everything over IP, address prefix allocation, complexity of configuration, lack of data security, and lack of adequate QoS measurement. The HST-3000 IPv6 option supports the installation and troubleshooting of the next generation IPv6 networks in transition from IPv4 platforms.
  • 制造商: Acterna
  • 模型: HST-3000C