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Rohde Schwarz UPA
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R&S 10Hz-100 KHz Audio Analyzer

The Rohde & Schwarz Audio Analyzer UPA is a compact instrument allowing all essential audio parameters to be measured at balanced and unbalanced analogue audio interfaces. Due to its large variety of options the basic unit can be optimally adapted to the specific application optimally. The great number of filters available makes the UPA suitable for numerous audio measurements. Due to its remote-control capability (IEC 625/IEEE 488) and high measurement speed, a major application of UPA is in automated testing of audio components in series production.

  • Psophometric measurements to DIN, CCIR, CCITT
  • Broadband level meter with true RMS reading or quasi-peak reading
  • Simultaneous measurement of level and frequency
  • DC voltage measurements
  • Synthesizer generator with low distortion and floating outputs (option)
  • Switch-selectable generator output impedance
  • Fully automatic distortion meter for measurement of total and selective harmonic distortion or SINAD (option)
  • Wow and flutter meter to DIN, CCIR, IEC, NAB, JIS with amplitude variation meter (option)
  • Frequency counter & phase meter
  • Nonvolatile memory for 50 instrument setups

  • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
  • 模型: UPA