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ThorLabs Inc. ASE-FL7200
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ASE FL 7200 White Light Test Source

The ThorLabs ASE-FL7200 is a high-brightness white light test source. This high-brightness test source is designed to lproduce amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) ranging from 1440nm to 1500nm, with a high spectral power density. Applications include the testing of optical components related to 1.47mm pumping for 1.5mm EDFAs, and general transmission applications in the 1.4mm band.

The ASE-FL7200 is constructed from a single Tm-doped fluoride fiber optically pumped by a single laser diode. The 1440nm-1500nm emission is produced from the 3F4 - 3H4 transition in the Tm ion in fluoride glass.
  • 制造商: ThorLabs Inc.
  • 模型: ASE-FL7200