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Hioki FT3432-20
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Sound Level Meter

SOUND LEVEL METER FT3432 is the industry s smallest sound level meter, it is ideally suited to use in on-site measurement. Its compact body houses an extensive selection of measurement functionality designed to facilitate sound research, and compliance with the JIS C1509-2 Class 2 and IEC 61672-1 Class 2 standards ensures high measurement precision. Additionally, a verified model is available for transaction and certification use.

The FT3432 packs all the functionality you need in the field into a small, lightweight body.


  • Compliance as an approved normal sound meter for transaction and certification use
    • Sound meters are considered specified measuring instruments under Japan s Measurement Act, necessitating that any sound meter used in transactions1 or for certification purposes2 be subject to verification testing. A verified model of the SOUND METER FT3432 is available.
    • An inexpensive model that has not been subject to the verification process is also available for users who do not require an instrument certified for use in transactions or certification applications.
    • Under the Measurement Act, the term "transactions" refers to "any act committed in the course of business, whether with or without consideration, for the purpose of supplying goods or services."
    • Under the Measurement Act, the term "certifications" refers to the act of representing "to others publicly or in the course of business that a certain fact is true" (examples include body measurements taken at hospitals and sound surveys taken of a facility s environment).
  • Lightweight design and industry s smallest size
    • The FT3432 is an extremely compact, lightweight sound meter designed for on-site measurement use. Just 120 millimeters in height and 105 grams in weight, it can easily be used to take readings with a single hand. A silicon cover and hand strap protect the instrument in the event it is dropped, and an included carrying case makes it easy to carry.
  • Simple operation
    • Three buttons make it easy to switch among the instrument s sound measurement functions.
  • 制造商: Hioki
  • 模型: FT3432-20