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The Tektronix VX1420A IntelliFrame Mainframe is an intelligent, 13-slot, C-size, VXIbus Mainframe. It fully complies with the VXIbus Specification 1.4 requirements and standard benchtop or optional rackmount instruments.

Features: High Output Power Supply; Intelligent Cooling for Installed Modules; Super Cooler; High Quality Auto-Configuring Backplane; Enhanced Monitor; Front Panel Display; EMI DIN shields for Superior EMI Protection.

Power Supply: The IntelliFrame Mainframe provides all VXIbus voltages at levels necessary for the most demanding ATE applications. The power supply has a volt-ampere capacity of 1783 VA with 875 watts usable by VXI instrument modules at any one time. The Mainframe accommodates exclusively digital applications, exclusively analog applications, or combinations of both. The power supply plugs directly into the rear of the mainframe and has no cables to disconnect. The power supply can be replaced in less than three minutes, minimizing downtime. The power supply automatically sets ranges for the appropriate input voltage and frequency.

Intelligent Cooling The IntelliFrame Mainframe provides optimal cooling for all installed modules. The mainframe uses an intelligent, adaptive cooling scheme to efficiently remove heat while maintaining quiet operation. The mainframe monitors the temperature rise of the exhaust air above each module slot and automatically adjusts the fan speed to keep the temperature rise to user specified temperature rise or less for each module. You can also manually set the fan to full speed to provide maximum cooling. Air is exhausted at the sides of the mainframe, allowing you to stack the mainframe with other rackmount equipment. You don t have to worry about restricting airflow out of the top of the mainframe or creating a chimney effect.

Cooling is not wasted on empty slots. IntelliGuides automatically direct air to only those slots containing modules; empty slots are shut off. The mainframe directs airflow across each installed module from the bottom to the top of each slot. Baffles balance the airflow from the front to back and across occupied slots in the mainframe. You can remove the air filter from the rear of the mainframe. The fans can be replaced without disassembling the entire mainframe.

The VX1420A Super Cooler has all the features of the VX1401A IntelliFrame Mainframe, but with higher cooling capacity and very quit operation. The higher cooling fan operates at a low fan speed with equivalent airflow.

Backplane: The IntelliFrame Mainframe has an auto configuring, solid-state backplane that uses electronic jumpering of the IACK and BUS GRANT signal lines. There are no jumpers to move or install on the backplane. This results in a high quality backplane that is ideal for the ATE systems that must be reconfigured frequently. The EMI DIN shields are standard to provide superior EMI protection. Full differential distribution of the CLK10 signals provides a clean timing source for your VXIbus instruments.

Enhanced Monitor: The IntelliFrame Mainframe enhanced monitor lets you monitor the power supply voltages, power supply currents, slot temperature rises, fan speeds, and other VXIbus system activity via the VXIbus or a rear RS-232 interface.

Front Panel Display: A 20 character alphanumeric display on the front panel with scroll keys for manual viewing for the mainframes status.
  • 制造商: Tektronix
  • 模型: VX1420A