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Boonton 4400A
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4400A RF Peak Power Meter

The Boonton Model 4400A is the instrument of choice for viewing and analyzing RF power in the time domain. Whether you are analyzing radar, pulse bursts, GSM or TDMA wireless signals, broadcast TV and radio transmitters, or any RF signal in which the power versus-time relationship must be accurately measured and recorded, the Model 4400A is the instrument for you.

Fast display updates and GPIB measurements save you time and gather data faster than ever before. The PC-compatible 1.44- MB floppy drive can store data such as front panel setups and trace waveforms, and you can print or plot the display to disk for later printing or to import into your documents.

Flexible triggering, greater than 60-dB dynamic range (sensor dependent) without any range switching, channel math on active and reference (saved) traces, and Boonton s wide selection of Peak Power Sensors round out the Model 4400A s industry-leading capabilities.


  • >60-dB dynamic range
  • Frequency range: 30 MHz to 40 GHz
  • 1-GHz NIST Traceable Calibrator
  • Color VGA display
  • 1-Msa/sec. Sampling rate
  • 14 automatic measurements
  • Parallel printer port
  • PC-compatible 1.44-MB floppy


  • 制造商: Boonton
  • 模型: 4400A