Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes : Tektronix MSO70604


Tektronix MSO70604
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6 GHz, 25 GS/s, 4 + 16 Logic Channels Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Performance Signal Access - Insight
.. 20GHz and 50GS/s on all 4 analog channels
.. 250 megapoints record Length on all 4 analog
channels and 16 logic channels
.. Low noise floor enables extremely accurate
insight and higher ENOB on TX signal
.. 80 picoseconds timing resolution on all digital
channels for critical event correlation/verification
.. Logic Pattern and Serial Pattern Triggers for live
display of faults during bus cycles
.. Built-in I2C and SPI Bus Triggering and Analysis
for insight into communication bus performance
.. Browser based or Solder down probes for
versatile analog/digital signal connectivity
  • 制造商: Tektronix
  • 模型: MSO70604