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Compuvideo SVR-1100 S8B
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Compuvideo SVR-1100S8B Dual Channel Composite and Y/C Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope

The SVR-1100S8B is a two channel combination waveform monitor and vectorscope; it measures a composite and Y/C video signals, offering standard features within a monochrome display. This works well in an entry level post production studio utilizing analog composite and Y/C video.

Smart Master Control: With a turn of the dial this function will take the user through automatically calibrated inputs and display modes.

6" CRT: This CRT offers high resolution and brightness.

Multiple Displays: The user can view a number of displays at the same time (parade and overlay) or each display can be viewed individually.

Variable Sweep: The user will be able to zoom in on the signal.

Multiple Function: This device offers waveform and vectorscope functions.

Multiple Input: This model offers two separate composite inputs and a Y/C input.
System: NTSC


Composite Video x2, Looping, 1 Vpp @ 75 ohms, on a BNC connector

Y/C S-Video, Looping, 1 Vpp @ 75 ohms, on a 4-Pin connector

External Reference, looping, 1 Vpp @ 75 ohms, on a BNC connector

Trigger Input, on a BNC connector

Output: Composite Video x2, Loop Out, 1 Vpp @ 75 ohms, on BNC connectors

Y/C S-Video, Loop out, 1 Vpp @ 75 ohms, on a 4-Pin connector

External Reference, loop out, 1 Vpp @ 75 ohms, on a BNC connector

Display: 6" Monochrome CRT

Control Front Panel:

Power On/Off



Vertical Mode

Trigger Mode

Trigger Source

Trigger Level

Volts Per Division/Position/Variable

AC or DC Mode

Sweep Time Per Division

Power Source: 100 to 240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (WxDxH):

11.5 x 15.5 x 6.5"

29.2 x 39.4 x 16.5cm


15 to 22 lbs

6.8 to 9.8 kg
  • 制造商: Compuvideo
  • 模型: SVR-1100 S8B