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Exfo PM-1100
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Power Meter

The PM-1100 Benchtop Optical Power Meter and PM-1600 High-Speed Power Meter deliver accurate power measurements over a wide dynamic range along with high resolution and excellent linearity. Choose them for automatically measuring discrete values such as insertion loss or, alternately, for continuous monitoring and data acquisition. These stand-alone power meters provide exceptional performance, flexibility, user-friendliness and extensive integration capabilities. PM-1100/PM-1600 Use the BFA-3000 Universal Bare-Fiber Adapter with the PM-1600W high-speed benchtop optical power meter, and ensure repeatable measurements when testing non-connectorized components. Ease of Use EXFO s PM-1100 and PM-1600 were designed with the user in mind. A menu-driven interface guides you through the operation, displaying results clearly. Control your unit remotely with the GPIB and RS-232 interfaces and control codes from any compatible PC or test station. Advanced Detector Option Select the wide-area detector option (PM-16X3W) for highly repeatable in-process testinglong before they are connectorizedof passive components. This advanced detector option provides a fast stabilization time of 6 ms. Used with EXFO s FA-3000 Universal Bare-Fiber Adapter, the PM-1600 High-Speed Power Meter (with 3 mm detector) enables efficient, pinpoint measurements in all bands. Fast System Monitoring With its fast stabilization time and high sampling rate, the PM-1600 High-Speed Power Meter is ideal for system monitoring. To start your data acquisition and take full advantage of the high sampling rates, synchronize acquisitions using the two available trigger types. Flexibility Through Two Operation Modes When using the PM-1600 High-Speed Power Meter in automatic gain range mode, power fluctuations of up to 89 dB will stabilize in 12 ms and a continuous rate of up to 256 samples per second can be produced. You can also manually select the gain range for individual channels in burst mode. In this mode of operation, the PM-1600 stabilizes in less than 1 ms, with rates as high as 4096 samples per second.

  • Excellent linearity: +/- 0.015 dB
  • Power range: up to 20 dBm with germanium detector
  • Wavelength range: 750 to 1700 nm

Key Features:
  • IL testing
  • Tx/Rx testing
  • 制造商: Exfo
  • 模型: PM-1100