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Tektronix VM700A-01-11
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The VM700A Automatic Video Measurement Set has many measurement capabilities in one instrument. It is a digital waveform monitor, digital vectorscope, group delay and frequency response measurement, noise measurement set and automatic measurement set. It can perform unattended monitoring of NTSC, or PAL video signals from studios, STLs, earth stations, and transmitters.

Opt. 11: PAL Measurements
Opt. 01/11: Dual Standard Measurements
Opt. 20: Teletext Measurements
Opt. 21: Camera Measurements
Opt. 30: Component Measurements
Opt. 40: Audio Measurement Module
Opt. 41: 6 Channel Audio Measurement Module
Opt. 42: Audio to Video Delay Measurement
Opt. 48: GPIB Interface
Opt. 1G: Echo/Rounding Measurements
Opt. 1P: Printer
  • 制造商: Tektronix
  • 模型: VM700A-01-11