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Noisecom UFX-NPR-22
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Noise Com UFX-NPR-22 Automated Noise Power Ratio (NPR)
Test Unit.

KEY FEATURES (standard and optional)
  • Complete test set for NPR measurements designed within one unit eliminating the need for a spectrum analyzer or other external hardware.
  • IEEE-488 interface
  • Capable of making up to 25 automated NPR measurements at different input levels with the added ability of storing measurement results in memory.
  • Local Keypad and/or remote GPIB system control.
  • Stored measurement results can be retrieved via GPIB or viewed on LCD display.
  • Automatic compensation for notch filter-insertion loss and pass-band ripple increasing accuracy.


Noise Com s UFX-NPR-22 performs automated Noise Power Ratio (NPR) measurements utilizing the industry recommended procedure for characterizing noise and distortion on lasers and other equipment in CATV, HFC networks.

NPR testing can be used to determine useful dynamic range of an HFC system or laser. Digitally modulated signals like QPSK and 16QAM are simulated by Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN). At low power levels, the
NPR is limited by the optical link noise floor. At high power levels, the NPR is limited by clipping and distortion in the laser. The UFX-NPR-22 can be set to automatically sweep a range of input power levels. Thereby characterizing NPR versus input level and saving the results in its memory.

The UFX-NPR-22 contains a noise generator output section and a receiver input section within one unit. The noise generator section simulates digitally modulated upstream signals with AWGN.

  • 制造商: Noisecom
  • 模型: UFX-NPR-22