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The LG 3238 and LG 3219 generate CW, FM, AM, and simultaneous FM and AM signals in the frequency range of 100 kHz to 140 MHz as well as CW and FM signals in the frequency range of 162 MHz to 163 MHz. They are equipped with remote control capabilities.
These generators feature monaural FM and AM functions and an FM stereo modulator that complies with FM stereo broadcast standards.
Fundamental oscillation is used to generate frequencies between 70 MHz to 140 MHz and 162 MHz to 163 MHz directly.
These signals are used to derive 100 kHz to 35 MHz signals through the heterodyne method and 35 MHz to 70 MHz signals through the 1/2 frequency division method.
The LG 3238 and LG 3219 are synthesized signal generators that produce accurate RF signals, which are phase-locked at all times to the internal reference crystal oscillator. The frequency resolution is 100 Hz.
The ΔF function can be used to get a direct reading of how much the frequency is offset from the reference frequency. In addition, the frequency can be changed in preset steps. The output level can be set to a value from -20 dB Micro V [emf] to 126 dB MicroV [emf] in 0.1 dB steps. With the exception of the use of a relay to switch to 106 dB MicroV [emf], a solid-state attenuator is used to switch the output levels in order to extend the generator s service life.
The ΔdB function can be used to get a direct reading of how much the output level is offset from the reference level. In addition, the output level can be changed in preset steps.
These generators can apply frequency modulation and amplitude modulation simultaneously. This feature can be used to combine internal modulation signals with one external modulation signal.
The internal stereo modulator generates composite stereo modulation signals that comply with FM stereo broadcasting systems.
These generators have a preset function that can store 100 sets of frequency, output-level, modulation-mode, and external control output-signal settings. A preset can be recalled as necessary to reconfigure the generator.
The front panel settings are retained even when the power is turned off. If the generator is turned off and then turned back on, the previous settings are restored.
These specifications and features are the reasons why these generators are used in a wide variety of ways. They are used as automation devices for the manufacturing and inspection of AM and FM receivers and electronic components and as signal generators for servicing, research, and development.

  • Wide-Band, High-Level Output
    These generators cover a wide frequency range from 100 kHz to 140 MHz and generate a high level of output at 126 dB MicroV [emf].
  • Long Service Life
    A solid-state attenuator is used for varying the RF output signal level to extend the generator s service life.
  • ΔF and ΔdB Readout Functions
    The ΔF function displays the relative RF frequency from a given reference. The ΔdB function displays the relative output level from a given reference.
  • Preset Memories
    Up to 100 sets of frequency, output-level, modulation, and other settings can be stored as presets and recalled as necessary.
  • Output-Signal Setting Adjustment
    The rotary knob can be used to change a specific digit of an RF-frequency, output-level, or depth setting.
  • Remote Control
    The generators are standard equipped with GP-IB, RS232C, and external control interfaces.
  • Weather Band Output
    The generators can internally produce RF output from 162.0000 MHz to 163.0000 MHz (only FM monaural modulation).
  • Internal Stereo Modulator
    Equipped with an FM stereo modulator, a single LG 3238 or LG 3219 can generate stereo modulation signals for performing tests and measurements on FM multiplex receivers.
  • DDS for Internal Modulation
    As internal modulation signal sources, these generators have a DDS in addition to an RC oscillator. The DDS enables frequency settings ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz in 1 Hz steps. It can be used to test the frequency response of receivers.



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