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FFT Comparator

The CF-4500 FFT comparator can make OK/NG judgment and quality inspection accurately by analyzing the frequency signal of sound or vibration from products or parts on production lines.

Measuring sound or vibration is popular as an effective method for quality control of products having driven section such as a motor. To ensure higher quality, needs for finding and capturing characteristic signals have been increasing as well as sound or vibration level in recent years. As being incorporated our accumulated FFT technology over the years, the CF-4500 enables OK/NG judgment by extracting caused and characteristic frequency component.

The CF-4500 provides three newer functions in addition to [Block comparator function] which can make OK/NG judgment by characteristic frequency level in signals. [Shape comparator function] enables OK/NG judgment by using signal form. [Tracking function] can also make OK/NG judgment even though rotational speed is changing. You can check abnormal sound by your ears with [Band-pass filter & monitor function]. The combinations of these judgment functions greatly help in higher quality improvement and working effectiveness at production site.


  • Up to maximum of 20 blocks can be specified as judgment area in characteristic frequency signal levels. The judgment method can be setup for each block.
  • Three kinds of OK/NG judgment function allow precise inspection of various products. In addition to [Block comparator function], [Shape comparator function] (option) can make OK/NG judgment by signal waveform. [Tracking function] (option) enables OK/NG judgment by capturing changes of specified order level even though rotational speed is changing.
  • Also, an operator can make judgment while checking characteristic abnormal sound by him/her own ears thorough headphones with [Band-pass filter & monitor function] (option).
  • Incorporation of a 6.5-inch color LCD touch panel has enabled easy reading of measuring waveform or judgment result. Moreover you can specify judgment area only by touching and dragging your finger on a screen.
  • As USB interface is equipped with the CF-4500, measurement data or judgment result can be managed in a PC by means of copying those data in USB memory.
  • In view of measurement on production line, the CF-4500 has battery backup function (option) which enables closing the application normally in case of going down a main power or instantaneous power failure.
  • 制造商: OnoSokki
  • 模型: CF-4500