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OnoSokki CF-3200
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FFT Analyzer

The CF-3200/CF-3400 portable FFT analyzer provides on-site precision measurement and analysis of sound and vibration that is both efficient and hassle-free.
Its compact and lightweight attachr""""-case form makes it easy to transport to and around the site. Such features as the battery/AC-powered operation and built-in sensor amplifiers, mean that there are virtually no limitations on the location for analysis.
There is also a wide choice of application software available for the analyzer, which support a variety of measurement tasks. These include tracking analysis to evaluate the dynamic characteristics of rotary machines and engines, measurement of natural frequencies using frequency-response functions, precision diagnosis and field balancing of factory equipment, and real-time octave analysis that has proved very effective in sound analysis.


  • Compact and lightweight at only 6kg / 6.5 kg for better portability
  • Operates on either an AC power supply or a battery
  • Built-in sensor amplifier (for acceleration pickups, constant current supply type microphones, and rotation sensors)
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • A highly luminous, 10.4-in. TFT color LCD panel as the display
  • >External keyboard and mouse input provided.
  • Built-in large-capacity flash memory (non-volatile block, time record memory) and floppy drive
  • Built-in PCMCIA interface
  • 制造商: OnoSokki
  • 模型: CF-3200