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Nh Research L4015M-01
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Programmable Electronic Load Mainframe and Load Modules: 8 x 600 Watt, 400V, 5A

The NH Research 4000 series is an intergrated dynamic load instrument containing an IEEE-488 load controller and up to sixteen or thirty-two electronically isolated dynamic DC load modules. The Load Instrument Controller section provides control for up to 32 individual electonically isolated dynamic loads in one or two load assemblies. The thirty-two channel versions is packaged in two assemblies, each containing 16 electronically isolated dynamic DC load modules . Full remote control of the loads is achieved via a high level IEEE-488 command set. Under program control, the dynamic loads operate in both constant current and constant resistance modes at the specified output voltage.All loads have anti-saturation circuits which provide linear loading down to a few hundred millivolts. The loads also contain over power, over temperature and reverse protection.

  • 制造商: Nh Research
  • 模型: L4015M-01