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Aeroflex-IFR T-1200SR
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T1200SR 1GHz Scannng Receiver

The T-1200SR is a microprocessor controlled, digitally synthesized scanning receiver, which integrates several functions of different instruments into a single, compact and portable unit. Utilizing such features as a keyboard entry system, a Vacuum Fluorescent Display for digital readout, processor controlled memory functions and a CRT capable of displaying spectrum analyzer inputs, the T-1200SR incorporates the functions of the following equipment:
- Communication Receiver
- Spectrum Analyzer
- Oscilloscope
- Frequency Error Meter
- Modulation Meter
- Signal Strength Meter

The T-1200SR is a triple conversion, superheterodyne receiver, capable of monitoring communication signals within a range of 100 kHz to 999.999 MHz, in 100 Hz steps. Signals may be received "off-the-air" using either the ANT 1 or ANT 2 connectors. Associated receiver monitoring circuits include a frequency error meter, modulation meter, spectrum analyzer, and oscilloscope for demodulated signals.

  • 制造商: Aeroflex IFR
  • 模型: T-1200SR