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VXI Technology SM7100
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VXI-based Microwave Switch Module

  • DC to 40 GHz
  • Up to 6 (1x6), 26.5 Ghz in Only One C-size Slot (SM7000D)
  • Building Blocks Range from Dual SPDT Relays to SP6T Relays, Transfer Switches and Relay Drivers
  • Microwave Building Blocks are "Pluggable" from the Front of the VXIbus Card
  • Self-terminated, latching/non-latching options (SM7001A, SM7001L)

    The SM7000 series is part of the SMIPII family, offering the extensive control and interfacing features provided by SMIPII. Microwave relay technology has been pioneered to offer density, modularity and cost benefits not available from other VXI suppliers.

    Using the SMIPII family for microwave switching, the user obtains the following benefits over other VXI microwave switch solutions:

    Up to 6 (1x6) microwave relays can be housed in a single VXIbus slot (SM7000D), or up to 4 (1 x 6) terminated relays in a double slot (SM7001A).
    Each SM7000 series carrier can house multiple building blocks, which can be mixed and matched for the final configuration.
    • 制造商: VXI Technology
    • 模型: SM7100