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Agilent J6800A
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The J6800A is a portable "all under one handle" system that includes two time-synchronized acquisition systems, each supporting any LAN or WAN/ATM plug-in line interface module (LIM). Each acquisition system has the following main features: Supports any available LAN or WAN/ATM LIM LIMs are hot-swappable and interchangeable Full-rate capture from any LIM up to 1 Gb/s 256 MB capture memory per LIM 32 real-time hardware capture filters Advanced auto-encapsulation detection (patent pending) Internal time-synchronization between acquisition systems Interfaces for external GPS receiver for global time-synchronization Agilent Control & Sync technology hardware provided to allow time-synchronization of attached Distributed Network Analyzers (enabled by future software upgrade)
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: J6800A