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Tektronix AFG3022
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Abitrary Function Generator. Unmatched performance, versatility, intuitive operation and affordability make the AFG3000 Series of Function, Arbitrary Waveform and Pulse Generators the most useful instruments in the industry. Users can choose from 12 different standard waveforms. Arbitrary waveforms can be generated up to 128 K in length at high sampling rates. On pulse waveforms, leading and trailing edge time can be set independently. External signals can be connected and added to the output signal. Dual channel models can generate two identical or completely different signals. All instruments feature a highly stable time base with only ?1 ppm drift per year. 2 GS/s Arbitrary Waveforms 5.6" Display for Full Confidence in Settings and Waveform Shape Multi-language and Intuitive Operation Saves Set-up Time Pulse Waveform with Variable Edge Times AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM Sweep and Burst Dual Channel Models Save Cost and Bench Space USB Connector on Front Panel for Waveform Storage on Memory Device USB, GPIB and LAN
  • 制造商: Tektronix
  • 模型: AFG3022