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Agilent 4294A
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The Agilent 4294A precision impedance analyzer is for efficient impedance measurement and analysis of components and circuits. The Agilent 4294A covers a broader test-frequency range (40 Hz to 110 MHz) with Basic impedance accuracy:+/-0.08 %.
Excellent High Q/Low D accuracy enables analysis of low-loss components. The wide signal-level ranges enable device evaluation under actual operating conditions. The test signal level range is 5m V to 1 Vrms or 200 uA to 20m Arms, and the DC bias range is 0 V to +/-40 V or 0m A to +/-100m A. Advanced calibration and error compensation functions eliminate measurement error factors when performing measurements on in-fixture devices. The Agilent 4294A is a powerful tool for design, qualification and quality control, and production testing of electronic components. Circuit designers and developers can also benefit from the performance/functionality offered.

Options Available
1A7 ISO 17025 compliant calibration
1CM Rackmount kit
1CN Front handle kit
1CP Handle/rack mount kit
1D5 High stability frequency reference
800 Standard Frequency Reference
801 Include bottom feet
810 Add keyboard
A6J ANSI Z540 compliant calibration
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 4294A