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A complete line of SMART optical level attenuators that are 40 Gbps ready

The OLA-54 and OLA-55 SMART Optical Level Attenuators are future-proof, improved variable attenuators for system testing, installation, maintenance, and production of multimode fibers (OLA-54) and singlemode fibers(OLA-55).

The OLA-54 and OLA-55 SMART Optical Level Attenuators can be part of a SMART Optical Test Kit. The SMART Optical Test Kits contain all of the tools, including instruments and accessories, necessary to perform professional-grade power or loss tests in the field.

For a combined variable optical attenuator and a high-performance optical power meter function in a single, rugged, handheld instrument, choose the OLA-55M Motorized Optical Level Attenuator.

  • Extended calibration wavelengths for very high performance: 600 adjustable wavelengths for the OLA-54 and 400 adjustable wavelengths for the OLA-55.
  • An extremely long battery operation time of >1000 h.
  • Absolute and relative attenuation setting
  • Low minimum insertion loss due to new optical design.
  • Emulate fiber loss for testing system dynamics.
  • OLA-55 for testing up to 40 Gbps systems together with bit error rate testing (BERT).
  • For system installation and maintenance of multimode fiber (OLA-54) and singlemode fiber (OLA-55).
Key Features
  • The SMARTWheel for precise and fast manual setting
  • The SMARTStar graphical user interface for fast, easy, and straightforward operation.
  • The SMARTEnergy power supply management system.
  • A USB port for remote operation.
  • Traceable measurements to NIST/PTB standards for confidence in accuracy.
  • A robust, shock-proof, and splash-proof design for field operation.
  • One-handed operation in the field.
  • Quick start operation, requiring no warm-up time and reducing testing time.
  • 制造商: JDSU
  • 模型: OLA-54