Digital Oscilloscopes : Yokogawa DL1740EL


Yokogawa DL1740EL
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Digital Oscilloscope 500 MHz, 1GS/s, 4 Channel

When compared with the previous DL1740 model: DL1740EL: 8 Mwords (8 times longer)

In order to precisely capture waveforms, the sampling rate and memory length are key. If the memory length is short and you wish to make observations over a long period, you must reduce the sampling rate. But with the DL1740/DL1720's 1 MW memory length, you can maintain a high sampling rate and still perform accurate, long waveform observations

  • Long Memory and Easy Zoom Function
  • Accurately Capture and Observe Waveforms with the 8 Mword Long Memory
  • Easy Zoom Function
Even some oscilloscopes with high sampling rates may not be able to accurately capture waveforms if the memory size is not large enough for the required monitoring period. This limitation is due to the necessary drop in sampling rate, which occurs if the recording memory is not long enough. A larger recording memory not only increases the monitoring time, but also enables users to maintain a high sampling rate thus ensuring accurate waveform representation. In addition, the zoom function can be used to simultaneously view enlarged images on one or two segments of a waveform captured in the large memory.

  • 制造商: Yokogawa
  • 模型: DL1740EL