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Kingsine K3066Li
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K30 Series Protection Relay 13 output channels, AC Outputs 6*20A/3*40A/7*130V
  • Adopt advanced SCM as the control system which performs steadily and works immediately once the test set is started.
  • Scientific software organization mode and effective hardware guarantee to insure satisfied test effect.
  • Transient current response 20?s ; transient voltage 30?s.
  • Simultaneous output of voltage source (7 channels) and current source (6 channels) ; amplitude, phase and frequency adjustable independently; accuracy of output source adjustable by software;
  • Adopt the latest network technology to control by PC, widely applied;
  • < Self-protection functions, such as voltage short circuit protection, current open circuit indication, and external input source induction alarm, etc;
  • Max. AC 300V per phase and provide independent Aux. DC source (0~300V adjustable)
  • Adopt EMC chassis and obtained CE approval.
  • 制造商: Kingsine
  • 模型: K3066Li