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Advantest R3131A-74
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SPECTRUM ANALYZER 3GHz - The R3131A Spectrum Analyzer is an easy-to-use personal spectrum
analyzer which combines high accuracy necessary for digital radio
measurement with excellent operability and usability. The R3131A can be
used in diverse fields, for a multitude of applications.
Frequency Range: 9kHz to 3GHz
Built-in high accuracy OBW, ACP and power measurement functions which
can be applied to digital radio measurement
Improved ease of use through auto TUNE function total level accuracy
guaranteed by auto CAL function standard interfaces: GPIB, RS232,
Centronics and FD Drive
Large character display allows results to be seen EMC measurement
Improved system operation speed
Operation key arrangement for ease of use
Compact and light weight (12 kg) with a space-saving design

Option 074 = Tracking Generator

  • 制造商: Advantest
  • 模型: R3131A-74