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Leaptronix AH-400B
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Automatic Programming System

AH series is equipped with a Rotatory Robotic Arm and 2 distinctive nozzles to achieve the target of high speed IC positioning. AH-400B offers high efficiency for programming IC packaged in tube, tape and tray, furthermore AH-400B contains a high speed programmer that brings AH-400 into its fullest potential.

  • High-performance:
    Not only meet a variety of input and output options with tube, tape and tray also perform programming, marking and packaging..
  • Intelligent Operation:
    Automatic loading, positioning, programming, marking and sorting through system control..
  • High-speed programming system:
    Built-in SU-6000 Gang 4 programmer to ensure high quality and stability of the
    programming system..
  • Marking machine:
    System offers dots, number or character marking for the ICs packaged in tube,
    tape and tray..
  • Convenient maintenance:
    The special modulized design grants an easy access to exchange the packaging
    method from tube to tape or vice versa..
  • Powerful operation software:
    User-friendly and powerful operation software, which can record all of the production details. The saved results will be used for the next reboot, as well as tracking qualities and productivities.
  • 制造商: Leaptronix
  • 模型: AH-400B