General Testers : Wilcom 2056C- (115 VAC)


Wilcom 2056C- (115 VAC)
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2-Wire CAROT Compatble Universal Test Line Responder for System 75/85 digital PBS Application

The Model 2056 Universal Test Line Responder combines the test and measurement capabilities required by most network testing systems in one compact unit. The programmed flexibility of the Model 2056 allows one responder to provide the testing termination for the multiple applications existing on modern telecommunication networks in the Telco, InterExchange Carrier and Private Network environments. A fully configured Model 2056 Responder would consist of:
  • 56-Type 105 Test Line Responder
  • DTMF- and MF-Compelled Responder
  • Signal Source for P/AR Measurement
  • Four-Wire Loopbacks for Echo Canceller Testing
  • Call Origination for Special Applications
The Model 2056 can be located at any dial-up 2-Wire or 4-Wire point in the network. In a 2-Wire installation, supervision may be either loop or ground start with the connection made through a barrier terminal or RJ-11C jack. In a 4-Wire installation, supervision is E & M Type I or II with the connections made through a barrier terminal strip.

  • 制造商: Wilcom
  • 模型: 2056C- (115 VAC)