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Leaptronix APC-100 (TR-TU)
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APC-100 is a transferring system which can be used for transfering device in/out from tray, tube and Reel. It uses industry computer which makes all of the movement precisely and speedily. You can add the AOI module as well.

Automated tray-in:
  • Stack up to 15 tray with JEDEC standard for waiting and empty tray area.
  • Automated push in the waiting area for robot pick movement.
  • Automated pull for the empty tray and keep them in the area.
  • Auto-detect and alarm system to inform waiting and empty tray area situation.
  • Use the Step motor to drive the timing belt which make the ball screw is able to exactly transfer the system movement procedure.
  • Horizontal line movement adopts Servo motor close loop control mode, precisely and speedily.
  • Vertical line movement adopts Fuzzy control mode, will not damage the devices.
  • SMT level nozzle, long life time and reliable.
    Tape and reel taping machine:
  • Supports 8~58mm adjustable tape width.
  • Automated detect if the carrier tape on the wrong position.
  • Automated detect and alarm for jam and empty package.
  • Provide convenient and easy operation for PLC and user interface.
    • 制造商: Leaptronix
    • 模型: APC-100 (TR-TU)