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Leaptronix MT-600L
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The microprocessor controlled sealer and step motor drive assure precise handling of all taping parameters. Several advance speeds are selectable to accommodate problem parts and to minimize part jumping. Flexible, easy to use, and advanced electronic characteristics make the MT-600 / MT-600L a perfect chose for taping. It only take 10 second to adjust the tape width without any tool.

  • Adjustable track assembly for tape widths from 8 to 88mm.
  • User-friendly software assures ease of setup and operation.
  • Current operating parameters and count are saved at power down and restored at power up.
  • Adjustable tape width: 8 to 88mm
  • Feeder: Tape reel outer diameter
  • Carrier tape movement: Multiple of 4mm
  • Compressed air: 5kg/cm
  • Temperature control: PID microcomputer control 0~260C
  • Counter: LED
  • Speed: 150mm/sec max
  • Parameter heat seal: Temperature sealing x 2, pressure sealing x 2
  • Trailer/leader: Programmable
  • Power required: 120/230VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.2kVa
  • Dimension: MT-6000 L1440 x W360 x H530mm MT-600L L1840 x W360 x H530mm
    • 制造商: Leaptronix
    • 模型: MT-600L