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Yokogawa AQ2200-221
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Sensor Module

The AQ2200-221 is a high-performance yet compact module equipped with two sensors. The module offers high-speed sampling, low polarization dependency, and rich data processing capabilities for improved measurement throughput and low-cost multi-port measurement. With two high-performance sensors in one slot, this Optical Power Meter Sensor Module is ideal for space-saving, multi-port measurements.

  • Ideal for powerful yet compact systems.
  • High-speed measurement: 200 Micros (minimum sampling period)
  • Optical connector compatibility: FC, SC, MU, and LC
  • Can be combined with various AQ2200 series modules or other Yokogawa's optical communication measuring instruments to build versatile measuring systems.
  • 制造商: Yokogawa
  • 模型: AQ2200-221