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Yokogawa AQ2200-311A
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Variable Optical Attenuator Module

The AQ2200-311A is a variable optical attenuation for the AQ2200 series. When it is installed in an AQ2200 series frame controller, it allows optical output to be attenuated to any value.

  • Wide attenuation range:
    • 0 to 60 dB (SM version)
    • 0 to 45 dB (MM version)
  • Wide wavelength range:
    • 1200 to 1700 nm(SM version)
    • 800 to 1370 nm (MM version)
  • Low insertion loss: 1.0 dB (typical)
  • Low polarization dependence loss: 0.1 dBp-p or less
  • Monitor output (optional)
  • Configure the desired measurement system by combining AQ2200 Series modules with Yokogawa optical communications measuring instruments
  • 制造商: Yokogawa
  • 模型: AQ2200-311A