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Yokogawa AQ2200-621
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Optical Modulator

The AQ2200-621 and AQ2200-622 are optical modulator modules designed for use with the AQ2200 Series AQ2200-601 BERT Module. The PPG electrical signal from the AQ2200-601 BERT Module is modulated to Optical Signal. The AQ2200-621 and AQ2200-622 should be used together with the AQ2200-111 optical light source module (PMF option).

  • Extinction ratio adjustment function (6 dB to 12 dB)
  • Be sure to use an oscilloscope to establish the relationship between the setpoint and extinction ratio before using the output light Extinction ratio. Cross point adjustment function
  • Auto-Bias Control ON/OFF function
  • Bias Slope switching function
  • 制造商: Yokogawa
  • 模型: AQ2200-621