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Weinschel Engineering 8311 Series
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Aeroflex Series SmartStep Attenuator Units

Aeroflex / Weinschels 8310 and 8311Series Programmable Attenuator Units represent a new concept in programmable attenuation for bench test and subsystem applications. Standard 8310 Series designs house and control various Aeroflex / Weinschel Programmable Attenuator Models (3200T, 150T, and 4200 Series) via front panel controls or standard communications interfaces including GPIB (IEEE- 488), Ethernet and RS-232/RS-422/RS485. This series combines the features of the Aeroflex / Weinschel 8210A Device Controller with a front panel user interface to form a flexible, easy to use solution.

Most 8310 Series are single channel configurations where RF signal is routed through either the front or rear mounted Ports A & B but can be configured for up to four channels of attenuation, RF switching, amplification or other functions. Multiple programmable attenuators can be used inconjuction with other coaxial devices such as switches, power combiners, directional couplers, and filters creating single or multichannel subsystems.
  • 制造商: Weinschel Engineering
  • 模型: 8311 Series